35th EGOS Colloquium

Enlightening the Future:
The Challenge for Organizations


University of Edinburgh Business School

July 4–6, 2019

Edinburgh, United Kingdom





Thursday, July 4, 2019, 8:30am

Edinburgh Festival Theatre –•• 13–29 Nicolson Street;•• Edinburgh EH8 9FT

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Alistair Darling

now Baron Darling of Roulanish, was Chancellor of the Exchequer under Prime Minister Gordon Brown between 2007 and 2010.
He played a key role in the global financial crisis, among other things overseeing the nationalisation of the failing bank Northern Rock and being credited with preventing a full-scale economic depression. The drama of handling this period is detailed in his memoir, “Back from the Brink: 1,000 Days at Number 11”.
During the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, Alistair led the “Better Together” campaign to keep Scotland in the United Kingdom.

Alistair studied law at Aberdeen University, worked as a lawyer, and was first elected as a Member of Parliament in 1987 where he served until 2015, most recently for Edinburgh South West. He was one of only three ministers to serve continuously in the Labour Cabinet from 1997 to 2010, covering roles in the treasury, social security and transport.