Meet the Editors


Registered Colloquium participants will have the opportunity to attend Meet the Editors sessions, taking place on Thursday, July 8, 2021, 14:30–15:30 CEST. Advanced selection will not be required.


Group 1

Chair: Marlieke van Grinsven

  • Academy of Management Review:  John M. Amis & Patrick Haack

  • International Journal of Management Reviews:  Dermot Breslin

  • Baltic Journal of Management:  Rūta Kazlauskaitė

  • Organization Theory:  Joep Cornelissen

Group 2

Chair: Maike Tietschert

  • Academy of Management Learning and Education:  Dirk Lindebaum

  • Management Learning:  Martyna Śliwa

  • Journal of Management Inquiry:  Pablo Martin de Holan

  • Journal of Professions and Organization:  Sabina Siebert

Group 3

Chair: Kathleen Stephenson

  • Organization Studies:  Renate Meyer & Daniel Hjorth

  • Journal of Management Studies:  Daniel Muzio

  • Academy of Management Journal:  Jennifer Howard-Grenville

  • Organization Science:  Gautam Ahuja

Group 4

Chair: Luc Glasbeek

  • Gender, Work and Organization:  Banu Özkazanç-Pan

  • M@n@gement:  Héloïse Berkowitz

  • Human Relations:  Mark Learmonth

  • German Journal of Human Resource Management:  Axel Haunschild

Group 5

Chair: Neil Thompson

  • Administrative Science Quarterly:  Beth Bechky

  • Scandinavian Journal of Management:  Karen Verduijn & John Ulhoi

  • Academy of Management Perspectives:  Gideon Markman & Geoffrey Wood

  • European Management Review:  Michael Morley

Group 6

Chair: Tijs van den Broek

  • Business & Society:  Frank de Bakker

  • Journal of Business Ethics:  Gazi Islam

  • Organization:  Patrizia Zanoni

  • Business Ethics Quarterly:  Bruce Barry

Group 7

Chair: Christine Moser

  • Journal of World Business:  Ajai S. Gaur

  • Strategic Management Journal:  Dónal Crilly

  • Innovation: Organization & Management:  Markus Perkmann

  • Strategic Organization:  Ann Langley

Group 8

Chair: Michiel Verver

  • Journal of Cultural Economy:  Philip Roscoe

  • Culture and Organization:  Nina H. Kivinen

  • Socio-Economic Review:  Gregory Jackson

  • Organization & Environment:  Tobias Hahn

Group 9

Chair: Lena Knappert

  • British Journal of Management:  Douglas Cumming

  • European Management Journal:  Sarah Robinson

  • Academy of Management Discoveries:  Kevin Rockmann

  • Journal of Management:  Chia-Huei Wu