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Recently there are increasing calls for a new field of research into strategy as a form of social practice (Whittington, 1996, 2001, 2002; Hendry, 2000; Johnson, Melin and Whittington, forthcoming Special Issue of JMS). Theoretically, the suggestion is that strategy research might usefully be advanced by framing it in the context of social theories of practice, such as those of Giddens, MacIntyre, Foucault, Bourdieu and de Certeau. The main thrust of the call, however, is for research into the many activities that constitute strategy as practice. These might include, for example, the work practices and career patterns of strategy practitioners, the ways in which they develop their particular skills, the routines in which they engage, the technologies they employ, and the myriad micro activities that contribute in one way or another to changes in, or confirmation of, an organization’s strategy.

As momentum has grown in the literature the academic community is gathering intellectually around the field of strategy as social practice with conference tracks at EGOS, EURAM, EIASM.

In response to this growing interest, a new website and discussion group are being developed for researchers to exchange their ideas. Our virtual community is already growing actively beyond the initial founders.

Would you like to join our Strategy-as-Practice Online Forum & Discussion Group?
If so, please submit your contact details online at

The website includes:

  • a description of the research agenda
  • an up-to-date bibliography on important works in the field
  • a download centre for working papers
  • a list of researchers working in the field
  • a notice board on news and events
  • an online discussion forum

For further information contact:

Paula Jarzabkowski
David Seidl