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23rd EGOS Colloquium 2007  

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Sub-theme 01 (SWG)

Comparative Studies of Economic Organization: Transnational Communities –
Complex Dancing Patterns across and within National Borders


Marie-Laure Djelic
ESSEC Paris, France
Sigrid Quack
Social Science Research Center Berlin, Germany

Session I: Thursday, July 5 – 11:00–12:30
Transnational Communities, Regulatory Challenges and (Soft) Governance (I)

Location: UZA 4, sector D, level 2, room D.204

Chair: Marie-Laure Djelic

Renate Mayntz
Global structures: Transnational organizations, networks – and communities?
Presenter: Dieter Plehwe

Dieter Plehwe
The making of a comprehensive transnational discourse community – The MPS of neoliberal intellectual and think thanks
Presenter: Gunnar Trumbull

Gunnar Trumbull
Policy contagion and learning: The collective invention of postwar consumer protection in advanced industrial economies
Presenter: Leonard Dobusch

Leonard Dobusch and Sigrid Quack
Creative commons: The 'share-alike' community between global norm and local translation
Presenter: Renate Mayntz

Group discussion

Session II: Thursday, July 5 – 14:00–15:30
Transnational Communities, Regulatory Challenges and (Soft) Governance (II)

Location: UZA 4, sector D, level 2, room D.204

Chair: Glenn Morgan

David Demortain
Are transnational communities agents of policy change? Invisible colleges, international standards and European food policy
Presenter: Paul Collin

Paul Collin
Transnational communities waltzing towards self-governance
Presenter: Tim Bartley

Tim Bartley and Shawna Smith
The evolution of transnational fields of governance: A network analytic approach
Presenter: Michael Carney

Michael Carney and Mehdi Farashahi
Institutional entrepreneurship and the corporatization of the global air navigation regime
Presenter: David Demortain

Group discussion

Session III: Friday, July 6 – 9:00–10:30
– Parallel sessions –


Group I – Transnational Communities, Transfer of Knowledge and Practices

Chair: Carlos Ramirez

– UZA 4, sector D, level 2, room D.204 –


Guiseppe Delmestri and Peter Walgenbach
Interference among conflicting institutions and technical-economic conditions: The adoption of the assessment center
Presenter: Bent Sofus Tranøy

Bent Sofus Tranøy
Partly privatized companies in Norway: Caught between democratic and corporate governance
Presenter: Manja Jonas

Manja Jonas
Direct investment as an engine of technological change: On the social embeddedness of technology diffusion and economic policy in Malaysia
Presenter: Guiseppe Delmestri

Group discussion


Group II – Transnational Communities, Transfer of Knowledge and Practices

Chair: Robson Rocha

– UZA 4, sector B, level 2, room D.208 –


Åge Mariussen
Cross-sector partner shifts within transnational fields
Presenter: Marco Jaklič

Marko Jaklič, Hugo Zagoršek and Aljaž Hribernik
Multinational corporations as transnational communities – Transfer and comparison of practices: The case of Danfoss
Presenter: Rick Molz

Rick Molz and Li Yan
The dance of traditional local and western global breweries in the unfolding Chinese institutional framework
Presenter: Åge Mariussen

Group discussion

Session IV: Friday, July 6 – 11:00–12:30
– Parallel sessions –


Group I – Transnational Ethnic Communities

Chair: Sigrid Quack

– UZA 4, sector D, level 2, room D.204 –


Mine Eder and Özlem Öz
Transnational communities and organization of economic activity: The case of shuttle traders in Laleli (Istanbul)
Presenter: Heidi Dahles

Heidi Dahles
In pursuit of comfort in transnational space
Presenter: Mine Eder

Group discussion


Group II – Transnational Communities and the Macro-micro Link:
Local Challenges and Experimentation

Chair: Marie-Laure Djelic

– UZA 4, sector B, level 2, room D.208 –


Eli Moen
Taking leadership from the periphery: The role of a subsidiary in changing identities and forms of governance in a MNC
Presenter: Peer Hull Kristensen

Peer Hull Kristensen, Maja Lotz and Robson Rocha
Experimental Danish dancers on the global dancing floor
Presenter: Risto Tainio

Risto Tainio, Aki-Mauri Huhtinen and Janne Tienari
National security and threats, foreign ownership and transnational communities
Presenter: Michael Frenkel

Michael Frenkel
Dancing the work-family Hora: Organizational family friendliness in MNCs' affiliates in Israel
Presenter: Eli Moen

Group discussion

Session V: Friday, July 6 – 13:45–15:15
Transnational Communities and Changing Corporate Governance

UZA 4, sector D, level 2, room D.204

Chair: Sigrid Quack

Kees van Veen
Transnational aspects of the labour market for European top managers: An empirical study
Presenter: Charles Harvey

Charles Harvey and Mairi MacLean
Transnational boards and governance regimes: France and Britain compared
Presenter: Matthew Haigh

Matthew Haigh and Frank de Graaf
The universal investor is entering the dance floor – How equity ownership leads of new podia for pension funds
Presenter: Kees van Veen

Group discussion

Session VI: Saturday, July 7 – 9:00–10:30
Professional Communities – Turning Transnational?

UZA 4, sector D, level 2, room D.204

Chair: Kari Lilja

William Lazonick
Globalization of the high-tech labor force
Presenter: Claudio Dell'Era

Claudio Dell’Era and Roberto Verganti
Creative networks: The contribution of designers to company innovativeness and consumer preferences
Presenter: William Lazonick

Mehdi Boussebaa
Transnationalizing communities in global consulting firms
Presenter: Carlos Ramirez

Carlos Ramirez
Exporting professional models: The expansion of the multinational audit firm and the transformation of the French accountancy profession since 1970
Presenter: Mehdi Boussebaa

Group discussion

Session VII: Saturday, July 7 – 11:00–12:30
Transnational Communities and the Financial Sphere

UZA 4, sector D, level 2, room D.204

Chair: Eli Moen

Glenn Morgan and Izumi Kubo
Global financial markets and transnational communities: The diffusion of the private equity and its impact on the Japanese financial system
Presenter: Knut Lange

Knut Lange and Florian Becker-Ritterspach
International private equity investors as an emerging transnational community and their impact on
the German business system

Presenter: Glenn Morgan

Asma Hussain and Marc Ventresca
Historical institutionalization of finance as a global concern: evidence from the foundings of global finance governance associations, 1879–2006
Presenter: Patrick Panitz

Patrick Panitz
Evidence for a global field – Strategic alliances among stock exchanges 1985–2002
Presenter: Asma Hussain

Group discussion – Closing remarks

Saturday, July 7 – 14:30–15:30

Business Meeting of Standing Working Group 1: Planning for Amsterdam and beyond
(open to all interested)

– UZA 4, sector B, level 2, room D.208 –


Organization of sessions

Authors are kindly asked to send their paper, in addition to posting it on the webpage, by email to their presenters.

Participants are expected to read to papers prior to the meetings. Papers will be available on the EGOS webpage in early June.

Presenters have 10 minutes each to identify key points of the paper. Presentation is followed by 5 minutes clarifying questions and discussion per paper. The presentation of all papers in one session is followed by 30 minutes general group discussion.

Role of Chair: Maintain time and co-ordinate throughout the session.

Role of Presenter: Identify strengths and key arguments of the paper and point to questions for the group discussion. Please keep in time in order to save time for discussion.