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23rd EGOS Colloquium 2007  

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Technology, Objectification and Subjectification: Rethinking the Individual and the Organization


Jannis Kallinikos
London School of Economics, UK
Giovan-Francesco Lanzara
University of Bologna, Italy


Session I: Thursday, July 5 – 11:00–12:30

Brian Bloomfield
From subject to object and back again: The mutual parasitism of subjectification and objectification

Katerina Voutsina
The evolving object of software programming and its accommodated forms of actorhood

Petra Adolfsson
Technology as part of organizing: Square dance or head banging? Organizational perspective on creating river basin databases in Sweden

Session II: Thursday, July 5 – 14:00–15:30

Bonnie Nardi and Jannis Kallinikos
Mods and mashups: Opening the black box of digital technologies

Joseph Lampel and Nermeen Mustafa
Experiential goods and the subjectification of boundary objects in the fragrance industry

Lonny Brooks
Performing the future of ubiquitous computing as a grammar of design: Silences, constraints, and unintended consequences

Session III: Friday, July 6 – 9:00–10:30

Pursey Heugens and Sergey Osadchiy
Rule work: On the mechanisms of organizational memorizing

Marie Aurell and Camilla Wernesson
'Shackles would have been cheaper': A study of technology, power, identity on an assembly line

Veronica Mobilio, Marta Trotta and Patrizio di Nicola
Work life balance in the 'digital man' era

Session IV: Friday, July 6 – 11:00–12:30

Robert Cooper
The social body of organization: Di-stance and technology

Sara Varlander
The role of local, embodied interaction in knowledge creation: An exploratory study

Bogdan Costea, Norman Crump and Kostas Amiridis
Space and institutions: The ethos of contemporary workplace architecture

Session V: Friday, July 6 – 13:45–15:15

Elena Esposito
Trivialization and complexity in technology and organization

Alexander Styhre
Media and organization: Exploring the worldview of speech, writing and code

Katia Dupret Sondergaard
Technology dancing with humans and non-humans: Exploring the potential for analysing subjectivation processes in an actor-network analytical approach

Session VI: Saturday, July 7 – 9:00–10:30

Ioanna Chini, Chrisanthi Avgerou and Leslie Willcocks
Governmentality, agency and technology policy discourse: The European Information Society Programme in Greece

Julia Brandl and Bernadette Bullinger
The social construction of entrepreneurship

Niels Thyge Thygesen
The polyphonic effects of technological changes in public sector organizations: A system theoretical approach

Session VII: Saturday, July 7 – 11:00–12:30

Chairs: Jannis Kallinikos and Giovan-Francesco Lanzara

– Group reflections on issues and perspectives emerged –