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23rd EGOS Colloquium 2007  

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Dancing with Users: How to Organize Innovation with Consumers and Users?


Vincent Mangematin
Grenoble Ecole de Management, INRA/GAEL, France
Gianvito Lanzolls
Cass Business School/London, UK

Peter Magnusson
Karlstad University, Sweden


Charles Baden Fuller
Cass Business School/London, UK


Session I: Thursday, July 5 – 11:00–12:30
Introducing Session: Strategic Aspects of User Innovation

Round Table for Presentation

Convenors: Introduction

Luca Berchicci and Christopher Tucci
Giving customers what we think they want: Trading off market feedbacks and commitments in radical product definition

Per Echeverri and Peter Magnusson
User-producer interplay exploring naïve user product and service ideas

Session II: Thursday, July 5 – 14:00–15:30
Lead Users in Urban Spaces

Amélie Boutinot, Severine Le Loarne and Vincent Mangelatin
When institutions design clients andartists interactions: The case of architecture

Michels Christoph
User involvement in the production of urban spaces

Mariannne Stang Våland and Lise Justesen
Designing through architecture: Involving users in restructuring the organization

Session III: Friday, July 6 – 9:00–10:30
The User-Producer Interface, Knowledge Transfer and Mutual Adaptation

Amandine Pascal
The role of boundary objects in the co-evolution of design and use: The KMP project eon experimentation

Stefan Heusinkveld, Jos Benders and Robert Jan van den Berg
A feeling for fashion: Exploring market sensing in management consultancies

Alexandre Mallard and Matthieu Vigilante
When 'the user' is an organisation: On the integration of user needs and uses in the design of a corporate cooperative tool

Session IV: Friday, July 6 – 11:00–12:30
Methods for Involving Users in Innovation

Marc Steen, Klok Jente, Nicole de Koning and Limonard Sander
User involvement in the 'fuzzy front-end' of innovation projects in the ICT industry – Methods in practice

Matthias Gouthier, Stephan Kaiser, Gordon Müller-Seitz and Frank Piller
Organizing innovation with users via weblogs – The case of Microsoft Vista

Christoph Hienerth, Marion Pötz and Eric von Hippel
Exploring key characteristics of lead user workshop participants: Who contributes best to the generation of truly novel solutions?

Session V: Friday, July 6 – 13:45–15:15
User Communities for Innovation

Linus Dahlander and Lars Frederiksen
User communication before innovation: Boundary spanning and technological competence in a firm-hosted online community

Guy Parmentier
Managing a creative community with a user toolkit for innovation

Ahmet K. Süerdem, Mehmet Gencer and Sinan Tunalıoglu
The ghost in the machine: Cognitive patterns in Open Source Software communities

Session VI: Saturday, July 7 – 9:00–10:30
Empirical Evidences of User Innovation

Christian Goeke, Martin Gersch, Jörg Freiling and Jörg Caumanns
'Third-Party-Managed Coopetition' to reach a critical mass of lead users – Conceptual ideas and first empirical findings

Chris Hendry
Innovation in fuel cells: Dancing together or partners in tow?

Sonali Shah
From innovation to firm formation in the windsurfing skateboarding and snowboarding industries