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23rd EGOS Colloquium 2007  

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Dynamic Capabilities and Practices: The Generative Dance of Micro and Macro Forces


Elena P. Antonacopoulou
Senior Fellow, Advanced Institute of Management Research (AIM); Director GNOSIS; Professor of Organizational Behaviour, University of Liverpool Management School

Susan Taylor
International Visiting Fellow, Advanced Institute of Management Research (AIM); Dean's Professor of Human Resources, Co-Chair, Management & Organization Dept.; Director, Center for Human Capital, Innovation and Technology, Robert H. Smith School of Business

Maurizio Zollo
International Visiting Fellow, Advanced Institute of Management Research (AIM); The Shell Fellow in Business and the Environment Associate Professor of Strategy; Deputy Director, INSEAD's Business in Society (IBiS) Centre



Location: UZA IV, Sector B, Level 2, Room B. 206


Session I: Thursday, July 5 – 11:00–12:30

Susan Taylor
Change and capability development: The roles of leaders at different organizational levels

Elena Antonacopoulou and Diego Ponte
A biography of the idea of dynamic capabilities: Historical foundations, core assumptions, future prospects

Maurizio Zollo
Reflecting on dynamic capabilities: Where do we go from here?

Q & A

Session II: Thursday, July 5 – 14:00–15:30
Dynamic Capabilities: Extensions to Current Theory and Research

Chair: Georges Romme

Matteo Prato and Fabrizio Ferraro
Untangling the micro-foundations of organizational capability development

Mohammed Hédi Charki and Emmanuel Josserand
Developing dynamic capabilities by alignment of individual and organizational external social capital

Richard Phillips
Calculative capabilities, competitive advantage and the firm

Rodrigo Bandeira-de-Mello and Mauricio Reinert do Nascimento
An institutional view of organizational capabilities

Q & A

Session III: Friday, July 6 – 9:00–10:30
Dynamic Capabilities: Empirical Explorations and Practical Implications I

Chair: Maurizio Zollo

Deborah Mulders and Georges Romme
Operationalizing dynamic capability: A systematic literature review

Wolfgang Güttel and Stephan Klinger
At the core of dynamic capabilities: Empirical findings of their internal constitution

Isabel M. Prieto, Elena Revilla and Beatriz Rodriguez
Building dynamic capabilities in product development: An empirical exploration to explain product development performance

Manuel F. Suarez-Barraza, Elena Bou and Alfons Sauquet
Reflecting on organizational routines and dynamic capabilities through a process improvement case study: Standardization without standardization

Q & A

Session IV: Friday, July 6 – 11:00–12:30
Dynamic Capabilities: Empirical Explorations and Practical Implications II

Chair: Elena Antonacopoulou

Rajshree Prakash and Tyler Wry
I drink therefore I am: A theoretical perspective on Starbucks, cultural capital and competitive advantage

Alessandro Narduzzo
Maria Montessori's Children House: Positions and processes fostering organizational capabilities

Oana Branzei and Michael Valente
Hot and cold analogies: Micro-processes of capability recognition in dynamic networks

Q & A

Session V: Friday, July 6 – 13:45–15:15
Strategic Renewal and Innovation I

Chair: Susan Taylor

Rafael Ramirez, Marc Thompson, Stéphane Girod, Keith Ruddle, Eric Allen, Peter Lednor and Leo Roodhart
Innovation and strategic renewal: Exploring the links

Stephan Billinger and Stefano Brusoni
'Over my dead body!' Role conflict and modularization in strategic renewal

Eva Kirner
Dynamics and acceleration of innovation – The role of organisational routines and dynamic capabilities in the innovation process

Anna Canato
Institutionalizing change in complex organizations – Material and strategic fit

Session VI: Saturday, July 7 – 9:00–10:30
Strategic Renewal and Innovation II

Chair: Rafael Ramirez

Avrath Chadha and Volker H. Hoffman
Organizational innovation adoption as a dynamic capability – Evidence from the polymer industry

Julie Labatut, Franck Aggeri and Nathalie Giraud
The dynamics of routine creation for organizational change: Emergence and dissemination of a technological routine in the agricultural sector

M. Lourdes Sosa
The evolution of a competence's market specificity and the emergence of competitive advantage during a technological disruption

Melita Rant
Insights into general characteristics of adaption processes: A case of Slovenia

Q & A covering Strategic Renewal and Innovation sessions I and II

Session VII: Saturday, July 7 – 11:00–12:30
Open Discussion

Chairs: Elena Antonacopoulou, Susan Taylor and Maurizio Zollo

  • Summary by each session chair of the main themes

  • Open discussion across themes from the three days

  • Future research directions

  • Publication plans