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23rd EGOS Colloquium 2007  

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Sub-theme 41

Internationalization of Services: Service Industries, Service Organizations,
Service Work and Service Workers


Susan Segal-Horn
Open University Business School, UK
Alison Dean
University of Kent, UK

John McGee
University of Warwick Business School, UK

Paul Gooderham
Norwegian School of Economics and Administration, Norway


Session I: Thursday, July 5 – 11:00–12:30
Globalizing Professional and Knowledge-Based Services

Chair: Susan Segal-Horn

Susan Segal-Horn
A brief introduction to the program for the sub-theme and the style of the sessions

David M. Brock
The globalization of professional services: Organizational challenges
Discussant: Ragnhild Kvålshaugen

Karl J. Breunig, Ragnhild Kvålshaugen and Katja M. Hydle
Empirical foundations for a typology of international services
Discussant: David M. Brock

Session II: Thursday, July 5 – 14:00–15:30
Local/Global Coordination of Services

Chair: John McGee

Bridgette Sullivan-Taylor, Simon Collinson and David C. Wilson
Global strategy in practice: Extending the integration-responsiveness framework in the context of dynamic intangible services
Discussant: Per-Olof Brehmer

Daniel Koch and Marion Weissenberger-Eibl
Institutional embeddedness and the internationalization of services
Discussant: Bridgette Sullivan-Taylor

Per-Olof Brehmer, Daniel Kindström and Christian Kowalkowski
Organizing for global industrial service offerings
Discussant: Daniel Koch

Session III: Friday, July 6 – 9:00–10:30
Service Design and Service Operations

Chair: Paul Gooderham

Hervé Fenneteau and Gilles Pache
Unlocking the logistical services lifecycle: A paradoxical view from the food retailing industry
Discussant: Claudia Steinke

Claudia Steinke and Ali Dastmachian
Service design in health care: An empirical study of emergency departments in Canada
Discussant: Angela Roper

Maureen Brookes and Angela Roper
Communities of design in international service firms
Discussant: Gilles Pache

Session IV: Friday, July 6 – 11:00–12:30
International Size and Shape

Chair: Alison Dean

Stephanie Birkner, Michael Faust and Michael Mohe
Consulting across borders – Empirical insights of management consulting firms going international
Discussant: Sanford L. Moskowitz

Daria Podmetina and Juha Väätänen
Internationalization of services in Russia: Case of IT companies
Discussant: Stephanie Birkner

Sanford L. Moskowitz and Elizabeth Sturlaugson
Outsourcing, wealth creation and SMEs: The internationalization of services within the global textiles and apparel industry – A comparative analysis of South Africa and Eastern Europe
Discussant: Daria Podmetina

Session V: Friday, July 6 – 13:45–15:15
Structure and Process in International PSFs

Chair: John McGee

Stephan Kaiser and Tim Kampe
Archetype theory and contingency factors – The case of German law firms
Discussant: Alison Dean

Susan Segal-Horn and Alison Dean
Internationalization as ‘effortless experience’: The integrated intelligent firm
Discussant: Stephan Kaiser

Session VI: Saturday, July 7 – 10:30–12:30
Knowledge Management in International Services

Chair: Susan Segal-Horn

Ingo Forstenlechner, Fiona Lettice and Markus Tschida
Motivating lawyers to share knowledge in a global law firm
Discussant: John McGee

John McGee and Bridgette Sullivan-Taylor
Service knowledge webs: Knowledge-based strategies in service industries
Discussant: Ingo Forstenlechner

Paul Goderham & Convenors: And finally – an open discussion led by Prof. Paul Goderham on the themes covered and the potential research issues arising. Discussion will cover future directions of interest to participants for research in the internationalization of services; future subthemes; future collaborations.