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23rd EGOS Colloquium 2007  

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Creativity and Enterprise in Unusual Places


André Spicer
Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, UK
Daniel Hjorth
Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Denmark

Christian De Cock
University of Wales/Swansea, UK


Deborah Jones
Victoria Management School, University of Victoria/Wellington, New Zealand


Session I: Thursday, July 5 – 11:00–12:30

André Spicer, Christian De Cock, Daniel Hjorth and Deborah Jones

Chris Bilton
Identity, creativity and the cultural entrepreneur
Presenters: Deborah Jones and Kyung Mi Lee

Alf Rehn
Being at it – Towards a borderline theory of entrepreneurship
Presenters: Peter Fleming and Daniel Hjorth

Chris Steyaert and Richard Weiskopf
Metamorphoses in entrepreneurship (studies): Towards a (truly) affirmative thinking of entrepreneurial creativity
Presenters: Asmund Born and André Spicer

Session II: Thursday, July 5 – 14:00–15:30

Timothy Beyes
An aesthetics of displacement: Exploring other spaces (of enterprise) with Thomas Pynchon
Presenters: Christian De Cock and Zhongyuan Zhang

Peter Fleming and Graham Sewell
Nice up the dance: A natural history of Jamaican music from Nyabingi to Krumping or How Jamaicans invented popular culture and nobody noticed
Presenters: Soren Buhl Hornskov and Anne-Maria Murtolo

Fredric Bill and Lena Olaison
The used book store: A haven for prosaic creativity
Presenters: Richard Weiskopf and Zhongyuan Zhang

Session III: Friday, July 6 – 9:00–10:30

Anna-Maria Murtola
Entrepreneurship interrupted: On constructing not a shopping centre but a city
Presenters: Chris Steyeart and Paolo Greenier

Elisabeth Sundin
Can unions be entrepreneurial?
Presenters: Robert Jones and Maree Boyle

Arnaud Guillemin, Patricia Apangu and Thomas Froehlicher
Creative industries, governmentalities, and heterotopias: The case of the local government in France
Presenters: Deborah Jones and Pauline Gleadle

Session IV: Friday, July 6 – 11:00–12:30

Finn Hansson and Mette Mønsted
Research Leadership as an Entrepreneurial Process
Presenters: Maree Boyle and Alf Rhen

James Latham, Robert Jones, David Goss and Michela Betta
The Pride/Shame Bridge: A theoretic synthesis to explain the resolution of antagonistic relationships through entrepreneurial processes
Presenters: Michela Driver and Lena Oliason

Paolo Grenier
What is social entrepreneurship really about? A discursive analysis of social entrepreneurship
Presenters: André Spicer and Andrea Whittle

Andrea Whittle and Frank Mueller
Enterprise from below: Intrapreneurship as a project of the self
Presenters: Graham Sewell and Pauline Gleadle

Session V: Friday, July 6 – 13:45–15:15

Zhongyuan Zhang
Everyday imagination and organizational creativity
Presenters: Alf Rhen and Daniel Hjorth

Michela Driver
New and useless? Rethinking the concept of usefulness in organizational creativity research
Presenters: James Latham and Peter Fleming

Asmund Born and Soren Buhl Hornskov
Street marketing as management by riddle. The case of the Superliga sticker campaign
Presenters: Fredric Bill and Timothy Beyes

Michela Betta, Robert Jones and James Latham
Are you an object or a subject? Well … I don' t know … What do you think? The laboratory as a super-organization
Presenter: Andrea Whittle

Session VI: Saturday, July 7 – 9:00–10:30

Marion Bowman and Pauline Gleadle
Cash as 'cool' not cold? A study of New Age entrepreneurs in Glastonbury
Presenters: Frank Mueller and Finn Hannson

Kyung Mi Lee and Soo Hee Lee
Creative capabilities and nation branding: Evidence from the UK & Ireland
Presenters: Chris Bilton and Deborah Jones

Maree V. Boyle
Losing the Lion (King) Share: Challenges for 21st century concert ballet companies
Presenters: Anne-Maria Murtolo and Marion Bowman