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Welcome to EGOS!


What is EGOS?

EGOS is a scholarly association which aims to further the theoretical and/or empirical advancement of knowledge about organizations, organizing and the contexts in which organizations operate. It has an associated journal – Organization Studies – and holds an annual conference in July.


Diversity and plurality

EGOS has its identity and its intellectual roots in the social sciences. It encourages an analytical and theoretical approach toward organization.

EGOS embraces diversity of all kinds including a pluralistic approach to understanding organization from the perspectives of the social sciences (such as sociology, social history, political science, psychology and anthropology) as well as the humanities (such as philosophy, discourse analysis, literary criticism and rhetoric).


Exploring research at the forefront of knowledge

EGOS emphasises broad themes as well as topic-centred research. The Association provides a forum for identifying and discussing key issues in organizational theory and practice. Critical refection on the most recent ideas and theoretical approaches is at the core of the Association's activities.

EGOS, moreover, offers a stimulating intellectual environment for younger scholars, running well-attended doctoral and post-doctoral workshops at the beginning of the annual conference.


Why become a member

As a member of EGOS you will receive many advantages.
You will become part of a thriving network of scholars interested in organization, organizing and the organized.
In addition, you will have access to the EGOS webpage services, subscription to the journal Organization Studies and enjoy a reduced rate to attend the annual conference.




The 1,450 EGOS members in 2007 (July 31) represent
44 countries from all over the world!


24th EGOS Colloquium

Upsetting Organizations

July 10–12, 2008
Vrije University
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Deadline for abstract submission:
January 13, 2008

List of sub-themes

Guidelines for submission of abstracts/papers

Workshop series
Dialogues between organizational theory and the social sciences

Call for papers

Peer Review Reviewed:
The International Career of a Quality-Control Instrument and New Challenges

April 24–25, 2008, WZB, Berlin

Deadline for abstract submission:
30 November 2007

23rd EGOS Colloquium
Vienna, July 5–7, 2007
 Photos from the colloquium