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The 24th EGOS Colloquium 2008  

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Postdoctoral pre-colloquium workshop

PhD pre-colloquium workshop

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EGOS Best Paper Award
EGOS Best Student Paper Award

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EGOS Best Paper Award


EGOS Best Student Paper Award

for papers presented at EGOS Colloquia


Since the 23rd EGOS Colloquium, EGOS is granting two annual prizes for outstanding papers:

  • the EGOS Best Paper Award – sponsored by the Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration, Finland, amounting to € 2,000. The winning paper will automatically be sent to “Organization Studies” (OS) for review. Subject to satisfactory results, the paper will be eligible for publication in OS.

  • the EGOS Best Student Paper Award – sponsored by Grenoble Ecole de Management, France, amounting to € 2,000. The paper must have a PhD student as its first author.

The winning papers must display methodological rigor, theoretical relevance, innovativeness, and new insights into organizational phenomena.


Both prizes will be awarded at the following EGOS Colloquium. The first prizes are for papers presented at the 23rd EGOS Colloquium in Vienna in July 2007, and will be awarded during the 24th EGOS Colloquium in Amsterdam in July 2008.


Only papers which have been uploaded electronically to the EGOS Conference website can be con­sidered for the awards. When submitting the paper via the EGOS website, authors should indicate whether they would like their paper to compete for either or both of the two prizes.


Selection process, rules and time schedule

  • The selection committee for both prizes comprises six members: the editor of “Organization Studies” (OS), one of the co-editors of OS, two members of the local organizing committee and two members of the EGOS Board. The selection committee will be chaired by an EGOS Board member.

  • After the EGOS Colloquium in Amsterdam, the sub-theme convenors will nominate not more than one paper for the EGOS Best Paper Award and not more than one for the EGOS Best Student Paper Award out of the full papers submitted to their sub-theme via the EGOS website by 31 August 2008.

  • Sub-theme convenors can decide not to nominate a paper for either of the prizes. Sub-theme convenors cannot nominate papers that they co-author. Members of the selection committee, the local organizing committee and the EGOS Board are excluded from competing for either prize.

  • Once the formal requirements have been met, nominations will be made public on the EGOS website. Nominees will be informed of their nomination by the selection committee. Those competing for the EGOS Best Student Paper Award may be asked to prove their status as PhD students at the time of their conference presentation.

  • From September to December 2008, the selection committee will choose the winning papers from the nominated papers. The decision will be made by 31 December 2008 and will not be announced before the next EGOS Colloquium in Spain in July 2009.

  • From January to June 2009, the process of publishing the EGOS Best Paper Award in “Organization Studies” (revise and resubmit) will be started as quickly as possible after the selection committee has made its decision. The winner of the prize has the right to decline publication in OS.

  • The prizes will be awarded at the 25th EGOS Colloquium in Spain in July 2009.