Honorary Members

EGOS Honorary Membership was created in 1998 to honour and thank scholars who have made pioneering and lasting contributions both to the advancement of knowledge in the social sciences dealing with organization, organized and organizing, and to EGOS as an association.

Suggestions for the nomination of a new Honorary Member can be sent by EGOS members to the EGOS Board by December 31 of each year. The Board makes the final choice according to the two criteria mentioned above. It also takes into account the European and international character of the association.


The new Honorary Member is welcomed with a laudatio during the annual EGOS Colloquium each year.


The laudatios are available below. To download them, please click on the corresponding name.


2013 Royston Greenwood Laudatio by Renate E. Meyer?

2012 Alfred Kieser Laudatio by Kari Lilja

2011 Barbara Czarniawska Laudatio by Bruno Latour

2010 Arndt Sorge Laudatio by Sigrid Quack

2009 Nils Brunsson Laudatio by Woody Powell

2008 Silvia Gherardi Laudatio by Barbara Czarniawska

2007 Johan P. Olsen?- Laudatio by Jean-Claude Thoenig

2006 John Child Laudatio by Max Boisot

2005 Jean-Claude Thoenig Laudatio by Arndt Sorge

2004 Michael Aiken Laudatio by David Wilson

2003 Bob Hinings Laudatio by Mitchell P. Koza

2002 Renate Mayntz Laudatio by Jean-Claude Thoenig

2001 Cornelis J. Lammers Laudatio by Jean-Claude Thoenig

2000 James G. March Laudatio by Finn Borum

1998 David Hickson Laudatio by Bob Hinings