Membership fees


EGOS membership runs for 12 months (365 days, respectively) from the point of registration as an EGOS member, i.e. from the date the membership fee is credited to EGOS' account.


EGOS Full Membership is EUR 125 for 12 months

EGOS Student/PhD Membership is EUR 65 for 12 months
EGOS Emeritus Membership is EUR 65 for 12 months

EGOS membership includes 12 issues of our journal Organization Studies – on the condition that it is for personal use only.

Library subscriptions must be ordered through Sage Publications, London.


If you want to become an EGOS member for the first time – i.e. you have never been an EGOS member before and/or never uploaded a short paper for one of the previous EGOS Colloquia – you first of all need to become a registered user of the EGOS website.


Please click here and follow the instructions.