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Standing Working Groups  

Principles Governing SWGs

Formation Process
of SWGs

Review Procedure
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Standing Working Groups

  • Standing Working Groups (SWGs) are groups which meet regularly at each EGOS Colloquium as a community of scholars.
  • Each SWG will run for four Colloquia.
  • Each SWG to submit a report after the third colloquium (by November 1st) to be assessed by the EGOS Bord.
  • In exceptional cases the Board may decide to continue the SWG for a further specified period.

Applications for the establishment of new Standing Working Groups should be mailed to the EGOS Board or the EGOS Executive Secretariat – – by May 31, 2007. We will honour any submission made this year under the previous deadline of December 31, 2006 since decisions will be taken by the EGOS Board in July 2007. This will allow any successful SWG to participate in the EGOS Colloquium the following year.

Current Standing Working Groups are:

Comparative Studies of Economic Organization
Coordinators: Peer Hull Kristensen (Copenhagen Business School) and Richard Whitley (Manchester Business School)

Organizational Network Research
Coordinators: Marius Meeus (Utrecht University), Amalya L. Oliver (The Hebrew University), David Knoke (University of Minnesota)

Professional Service Organizations and Professionalization at Work
Celeste P.M. Wilderom (University of Twente), Huseyin Leblebici (University of Illinois) and Royston Greenwood (University of Alberta)

Action Research
Coordinators: Marc Bonnet (ISEOR, University of Lyon) and Robert MacIntosh (University of Strathclyde)

Strategizing: Activity and Practice
Paula Jarzabkowski (Aston Business School), David Seidl (University of Munich) and Julia Balogun (CASS Business School)

Practice-Based Studies of Knowledge and Innovation in Workplace
Coordinators: Silvia Gherardi (University of Trento, Research Unit on Cognition, Organizational Learning and Aesthetics), Reijo Miettinen (Helsinki University, Center for Activity Theory and Developmental Work Research), Christian Heath (King's College London, Work, Interaction and Technology Research Group) and Harry Scarbrough (Warwick University)

Organizing the Public Sector: Governance and Public Management Reform
Coordinators: Christine Teelken (University of Nijmegen, Schooll of Management), Mike Dent (Staffordshire University), Nicolette van Gestel (Radboud University), Ewan Ferlie (Royal Holloway University, School of Management) and Louise Fitzgerald (De Montfort University, Leicester Business School)