SWG 06: Routines and Routine Dynamics



Martha S. Feldman, University of California at Irvine, USA Martha S. Feldman
Brian T. Pentland, Michigan State University, USA Brian T. Pentland
Luciana D’Adderio, University of Strathclyde Business School, United Kingdom Luciana D’Adderio
Nathalie Lazaric, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France Nathalie Lazaric


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Martha S. Feldman (Stanford University PhD, 1983; Honorary Doctorate in Economics, St. Gallen University, 2014) is the Johnson Chair for Civic Governance and Public Management at the University of California. She is best known for her work establishing the field of routine dynamics, which explores the internal dynamics of routines. She has received the ‘Administrative Science Quarterly's’ award for Scholarly Contribution (2009), the Academy of Management Practice Scholarship Award (2011), and the Academy of Management Distinguished Scholar Award from the Organization and Management Theory Division (2015).
Brian T. Pentland is Professor in the Department of Accounting and Information Systems at Michigan State University, USA. His publications have appeared in ‘Academy of Management Review’, ‘Accounting, Organizations and Society’, ‘Administrative Science Quarterly’, ‘Journal of Management Studies’, ‘Management Science’, ‘MIS Quarterly’, ‘Organization Science’, ‘Organization Studies’, on YouTube and elsewhere.
Luciana D’Adderio is Reader in Management (Associate Professor, tenured) at Strathclyde Business School, UK. Her research focuses on the micro dynamics of organizational practices and routines, with an emphasis on the role of agency and materiality on their emergence, evolution and maintenance, codification, transfer and replication. Luciana is a member of the ‘Organization Science’ Editorial Board and is currently acting as a Senior Editor for the special issue of ‘Organization Science’ on “Routine Dynamics” (routinedynamics.org).
Nathalie Lazaric is Research Professor at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France. Her publications have appeared in ‘Industrial and Corporate Change’, ‘Research Policy’, ‘Journal of Evolutionary Economics’, ‘Journal of Institutional Economics’, ‘Regional Studies’, ‘The Economist’ and elsewhere. She has edited and co-edited several special issues and books on organizational routines.