Good Reasons for Joining EGOS


Members of EGOS have the opportunity to participate in the following:


Annual international Colloquium

  • The EGOS association organizes an annual Colloquium, which is distinguished by its international participation and its intellectual and scholarly contribution to science.
  • Participants at an EGOS Colloquium are part of an academic forum and meet with scholars to discuss academic topics at the forefront of organizational theory.
  • Researchers are given the opportunity to launch international workgroups.



  • The official journal of EGOS – Organization Studies – is published by Sage Publications.
  • This enables organizational scholars to publish in a high-quality refereed journal with worldwide acclaim.
  • EGOS members receive Organization Studies and/or have online access to Organization Studies and 40+ other important scientific publications from the member area of the EGOS website.


Access to MyEGOS on the EGOS website

  • Being a member of EGOS your can search for data on EGOS members in the EGOS website's MyEGOS area using your EGOS member number and password.
  • Papers presented at EGOS Colloquia after the 19th Colloquium 2003 in Copenhagen are also accessible to EGOS members from the MyEGOS area, called the "online library".


International projects

  • EGOS helps to develop international projects within multinational teams, thereby advancing comparative organizational research and international cooperation in the field of organizational studies.



  • EGOS is dedicated to supporting the new generation of organizational researchers. It provides pre-conference workshops for doctoral studies and tutorials, it enhances the exchange of PhD students with other universities within the organization studies community.
  • EGOS is gradually facilitating the formation of European professional labour markets in the field of organizational studies (placement roster).


European representation

  • One important aim of EGOS is to be a potential partner for the European Union institutions concerned with academic and educational topics.
  • EGOS follows up the political dimension of academic work within Europe according to programs and other activities initiated by the European Union.
  • EGOS aims to contribute to the design of future programs at European level.