Sub-theme 31: Sharpen the Tools: Institutional Approaches in Organizational Research

Julia Brandl, Innsbruck University School of Management and WU Vienna, Austria
Ulla Eriksson-Zetterquist, University of Gothenburg, School of Business, Economics and Law, Sweden
Session I: Thursday, July 07, 09:00 to 10:45, S-B110
Legitimacy Seeking and Institutional Logics
Chair: Julia Brandl
Sabine Klein
The paradox of the schizophrenic organization
Discussant(s): Hélène Bovais
Céline Louche and Linda Markowitz
Sense making and social locations: How actors in the responsible investment industry justify decisions
Discussant(s): Lena Hipp
William Stevenson, Erica L. Steckler and Louis Soloff
Rhetoric and sustainability: An examination of institutional logic
Discussant(s): Taeyoon Sung and Taeyoung Yoo
Session II: Thursday, July 07, 14:00 to 15:30, S-B110
Institutional Entrepreneurship
Chair: Ulla Eriksson-Zetterquist
Paola Angela Maria Mazzurana, Francesco Crisci and Daniel Pittino
The institutionalization of a new organizational field as an institutional entrepreneurship project: The genesis of a technological district
Discussant(s): Soo Hee Lee and Tatjana Byrne
Lena Hipp
Entrepreneurial societies? An empirical analysis of the relationship between macro-level institutions and micro-level preferences for self-employment in OECD countries
Discussant(s): Céline Davesne
Noreen O'Shea and Renaud Redien-Collot
The 'unintended' outcomes of policy-making on the structuring of entrepreneurial support for women – An example from France
Discussant(s): Anica Zeyen and Markus Beckmann
Session III: Thursday, July 07, 16:00 to 17:30, S-B110
Corporate Governance
Chair: Julia Brandl
Taeyoon Sung and Taeyoung Yoo
Corporate governance reform in France
Discussant(s): Luciano Barin Cruz and Jean-Pascal Gond
Anne Galander, Simon Oertel and Peter Walgenbach
Becoming institutionalized – Key actors and the German corporate governance code, 1998–2010
Discussant(s): Sabine Klein
Fernando Muñoz-Bullón and María J. Sánchez-Bueno
Institutional and normative determinants of downsizing
Discussant(s): Tjeerd Zandberg
Session IV: Friday, July 08, 09:00 to 11:00, S-B110
Social Organizations and Institutional Logics
Chair: Ulla Eriksson-Zetterquist
John Wäfler
Film festivals as organizations. The case of the Fribourg international film festival, CH
Discussant(s): Anne Galander, Simon Oertel and Peter Walgenbach
Anica Zeyen and Markus Beckmann
Two hearts beat as one: How social entrepreneurs use a non-profit-/for-profit organizational mix to deal with multiple institutional logics
Discussant(s): Céline Louche
Luciano Barin Cruz and Jean-Pascal Gond
Transferring institutional logics and organizational forms across multiple fields: A serial institutional entrepreneur case study
Discussant(s): Aukje Leufkens
Tatjana Byrne and Soo Hee Lee
Institutional logics and organisational practices in the UK contemporary dance sector
Discussant(s): Paola Angela Maria Mazzurana, Daniel Pittino and Francesco Crisci
Session V: Friday, July 08, 14:00 to 16:00, S-B110
Assembles of Organizing: Integration, Collaboration, Coordination
Chair: Julia Brandl
Cécile Godé and Isabelle Bouty
Benefiting from shared cognition in coordination processes: Individual and organizational responses in an air display squadron
Discussant(s): Per Svejvig and Andrea Carugati
Aukje Leufkens and Niels G. Noorderhaven
Shipbuilding collaboration as a social dilemma
Discussant(s): Cécile Godé and Isabelle Bouty
Alice Jacobsen
Professions, paradoxes and strategizing – Empirical analysis of organizational change processes in a school setting
Discussant(s): Fernando Muñoz-Bullón and María J. Sánchez-Bueno
Hélène Bovais
The unexpected strength of singularity against the homogenizing forces of the banking field: The Crédit-Agricole Group faced with its own duality
Discussant(s): Noreen O'Shea
Session VI: Saturday, July 09, 09:00 to 10:30, S-B110
Institutionalization and Identity
Chair: Ulla Eriksson-Zetterquist
Céline Davesne, Nathalie Baudouin and Sébastien Dubois
The deinstitutionalization of a professional model: The foot soldiers of higher education
Discussant(s): William Stevenson
Pouya Seifzadeh
Diffusion of collective identity and institutional logics through organizational multiplicity in emerging organizational fields: Three case studies
Discussant(s): Alice Jacobsen
Tjeerd Zandberg
Organizational routines as carriers of institutions. What space is left for managerial choice?
Discussant(s): George Kandthil
Session VII: Saturday, July 09, 11:00 to 12:30, S-B110
Instititutional Logics and Technology
Chair: Ulla Eriksson-Zetterquist
Per Svejvig and Andrea Carugati
Institutional logics driving enterprise systems tailoring strategies – A comparative case study of two telecom companies
Discussant(s): John Wäfler
Sue M. Newell, Erica Wagner and George Kandathil
Co-mingling contrasting institutional logics: Exploring the micro-macro interplay during an Indian-based ES implementation
Discussant(s): Pouya Seifzadeh