Sub-theme 37: (Re-)Assembling Routines

Luciana D’Adderio, University of Edinburgh, UK
Martha S. Feldman, University of California, USA
Kajsa Lindberg, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Session I: Thursday, July 07, 09:00 to 10:45, H-B32
Sociomateriality and Practice
Chair: Mark Zbaracki
Susan Scott and Wanda Orlikowski
Performing online anonymity: The role of materiality in knowledge practices
Jonathan Gander
Performing popular song production: A study of recording studio practices
Wolfgang H. Güttel, Stefan W. Konlechner, Mark Lehrer, Barbara Müller and Julia K. Trede
Replicating routines: Artefacts in their role as routine-re-creators
Introduction by Luciana D'Adderio, Martha Feldman and Kajsa Lindberg
Session II: Thursday, July 07, 14:00 to 15:30, H-B32
Performing Standards
Chair: Kathrin Sele
Rieneke Slager, Jean-Pascal Gond and Jeremy Moon
Building routines from the outside: How a responsible investment index shapes corporate responsibility practices 'at a distance'
Paola Perez-Aleman
Shifting to sustainable production
Andreas Diedrich and Fredrik Lavén
Frozen fish and mummies: On the role of preserved objects in organizing
Ebba Sjögren and Karin Fernler
Routinized responses to 'standardized variation' in the provision of geriatric nutrition
Session III: Thursday, July 07, 16:00 to 17:30, H-B32
Performance and Performativity
Chair: Carlo Salvato
Asaf Darr and Trevor Pinch
Performing markets: Sales work, materiality and the local constitution of social obligation
Mark J. Zbaracki and Mark Bergen
Making the market material
Emmanouil Gkeredakis, Jacky Swan, Davide Nicolini and Harry Scarbrough
Rational decision making revisited: Practices of deliberation in healthcare funding decisions
Laure Cabantous
Learning how to become performative: The evolving practice of decision consultants
Session IV: Friday, July 08, 09:00 to 11:00, H-B32
Artifacts and Coordination
Chair: Jennifer Howard-Grenville
Ruthanne Huising and Samer Faraj
Applying expertise and sustaining attention: Coordination in fast-response organizations
Carlo Salvato and Claus Rerup
Individual action, cross-level coordination and change of organizational routines in a design firm
Annelie Sjölander-Lindqvist
Agency in boundary negotiations: Coordination, translation and intuition in Swedish wolf management
John Paul Stephens and Curtis LeBaron
The aesthetics of organizational routines: The collective pursuit of the "should" and the "good"
Anette Hallin and Tina Karrbom Gustavsson
Artifacts as narratives and narratives as artifacts – The touchable and the thinkable in organizing
Session V: Friday, July 08, 14:00 to 16:00, H-B32
Connecting through Objects
Chair: Ruthanne Huising
Kathrin Sele and Simon Grand
How artifacts, stories and resources shape the way we routinely innovate
Jennifer Howard-Grenville
Not all artifacts are created equal: Malleability and embeddedness of artifacts in routines
Isabel Dörfler and Oliver Baumann
Routine change in response to drastic failure: Improvisation and systematic learning during the development of the Airbus A380
Alessandro Narduzzo and Gianni Lorenzoni
Artifacts and organizations: Storing and mobilizing innovative knowledge
Session VI: Saturday, July 09, 09:00 to 10:30, H-B32
Expertise, Classification and Boundary Work
Chair: Alessandro Narduzzo
Norman Crump and Norman Crump
Re-organizing an accident and emergency department: A story of wooden boxes, paper cards and paper clips and the making of everyday routines
Katharina Hohmann and Jeanne Mengis
Materiality as a guide to task accomplishment? An investigation in the coordinating practice of temporary organizations
Mara Gorli and Giuseppe Scaratti
Using artefacts for practices tuning and performance refining. The nursing record artefact between affordance and agency: A case study
Session VII: Saturday, July 09, 11:00 to 12:30, H-B32
Diffusion and Communication
Chair: Kajsa Lindberg
Howard Viney and Alex Wright
Public sector routines: Toward a communication perspective
Marlies Maaijen and Annemiek Stoopendaal
Acting with content: An ANT analysis of best practices in quality collaboratives in long term care
Panel Discussion: Taking the routines and materiality agenda forward