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Legitimacy and its Absence in Strategy and Organization Theory

In the afternoon of Wednesday September 7th, 2016, an academic workshop titled “Legitimacy and its Absence in Strategy and Organization Theory” will take place. In this workshop, Renate Meyer (WU Vienna), Rodolphe Durand (HEC Paris), and Xavier Martin (Tilburg University) will present their ideas and findings on this and related topics, and discuss new avenues for future research in the intersection between Strategy and Organization Theory.

International Conference on QCA in the Social Sciences at Tilburg University

Qualitative Comparative Analysis - Social Science Applications and Methodological Challenges - 15-16 January 2015 - Tilburg, the Netherlands

Triage Devices: How Organizations Manage Commitments

Call for papers for a Workshop on February 27-28 2015 at Goldsmiths College London: This workshop will explore how organizations and individuals in organizations pick among the different things they could be doing in their everyday work. This will include consideration of explicit decision-making processes but also of routines and taken-for-granteds. The workshop aims at developing a better understanding of how organizations manage their commitments in view of limited means.

NEW INSTITUTIONALISM ACROSS BORDERS: Workshop on Recent Developments in Institutional Theory and the MNC Research Context

Copenhagen Business School, 30‐31 October 2014

We invite submissions for a 2‐day workshop on recent developments in New (Organizational) Institutionalism and research on multinational firms (MNCs). The aim of this workshop is to offer a supportive setting for participants to receive feedback on papers at various stages of development, and to provide opportunities for meeting others interested in organizational institutionalism and the MNC research context. 

11th Workshop on New Institutionalism in Organization Theory (26/27 March 2015)

In its 11th edition, the annual workshop of the new institutionalism network returns to Vienna where it was first held in 2005. Hosted at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, the workshop seeks to bring together kindred spirits from different disciplines, countries, and academic systems who share an interest in pushing forward theoretical and/or empirical frontiers of institutional research.

8th International Research Workshop "Methods for PhD" near Flensburg, September 28-October 3, 2014

Our workshop tackles these steps of your research project: (1) Gathering data via (un)structured interviews and analysing standardized survey data, (2) using the computer for qualitative and quantitative data analysis.

Helsinki Paper Development Workshop on Explaining Change

The purpose of this workshop is to facilitate the publication of empirical research in quality outlets by doctoral students and faculty members. The broad theme of the workshop is on "explaining change", with primary emphasis on research methods and connection between theory and data.
Helsinki on 4th and 5th of September, 2014

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