Special Issue

The Material and Visual Turn in Organization Theory: Objectifying and (Re)acting to Novel Ideas

Special Issue of Organization Studies: Contemporary organizations increasingly rely on images, logos, videos, building and office design, building materials, physical product design and a range of other material and visual expressions to form identity, communicate, organize their activities, and compete.  How do ideas take form through visual and material representation? How do audiences experience visual and material artefacts and how do they enact those experiences? How do visual and material artefacts (and the ideas they represent) take on a collective form? Deadline: February 28th 2015.

Global Economics and Management Review (GEMRev) re-launched after 17 years

The journal publishes theoretical, empirical and experimental papers both quantitative and qualitative – in various fields of management and economics, including non-profit organizations and the social economy. The geographical scope of the studies may be global, national or «mega-regional», with a special interest, but not limited to, in emerging economies and Portuguese-speaking countries.

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