5th LAEMOS Colloquium: Latin American and European Meeting on Organization Studies, Cuba, 2-5 April 2014

From the call:

Constructing Alternatives:
How can we organize for alternative social, economic, and ecological balance?


Albeit having barely started, the third millennium has already challenged the ways through which organizations interact with the surrounding communities and societies. On the one hand, economic crises, regional conflicts, increasing social inequalities, climate change, and environmental-technological catastrophes (like for instance Fukushima and several oil-leaking accidents around the globe), have contributed to expose the limits and fragilities of our current models of capitalistic development. On the other hand, contemporary notions of entrepreneurship and innovation have been praised as synonymous of economic and social development, with capitalistic corporations and individualistic leaders being still depicted (maybe more than ever?) as the epitome of such type of development.



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