NEW INSTITUTIONALISM ACROSS BORDERS: Workshop on Recent Developments in Institutional Theory and the MNC Research Context

Copenhagen Business School, 30‐31 October 2014

We invite submissions for a 2‐day workshop on recent developments in New (Organizational) Institutionalism and research on multinational firms (MNCs). The aim of this workshop is to offer a supportive setting for participants to receive feedback on papers at various stages of development, and to provide opportunities for meeting others interested in organizational institutionalism and the MNC research context.


International business and management scholars have only recently started to incorporate the developments in institutional theory that address agency and change, for instance by considering the role of MNCs as institutional entrepreneurs (Kostova, Roth and Dacin 2008; Regner and Edman, forthcoming). At the same time, organizational scholars interested in these phenomena have only occasionally used the MNC as a context to explore their ideas, despite the many characteristics that make MNCs particularly suitable for such research (eg. Thornton, Ocasio and Lounsbury 2012). Since MNCs operate across borders, the MNC research context make theoretical issues such as institutional complexity, translation, and change particularly salient (see also Roth and Kostova 2003). We therefore hope that this workshop will serve as a forum to identify and discuss the ways in which recent developments in organizational institutionalism can inform MNC research, and in how, in turn, the MNC context could be used to develop and challenge institutional ideas.

We invite all conceptual and empirical papers on different aspects of new institutionalism and the MNC, and are particularly interested in papers advancing synergies between the two literatures. For example, they may address the following themes:

  • How can we usefully apply institutional concepts and insights to the MNC?
  • How does the MNC research context challenge institutional explanations?
  • What are the limitations of institutional explanations of MNC phenomena?
  • How can the MNC research context advance institutional theory?
  • What are the qualitative, quantitative or mixed method strategies for capturing institutional phenomena in the MNC context?

Key note speakers

Tatiana Kostova (Darla Moore School of Business) and tba.


Please submit an extended abstract (3000 words) or a full paper to by no later than September 8. We will notify you by September 19, and you will have the opportunity to update your contribution until October 10.

Fees, travel and accommodation

There is no participation fee, but we do ask you to pay for your own travel and accommodation.
If you have any questions regarding the workshop, please contact:
Verena Girschik ( or Luda Svystunova (


  • Kostova, T., Roth, K., & Dacin, M. T. (2008). Institutional theory in the study of multinational corporations: A critique and new directions. Academy of Management Review, 33(4), 994‐1006.
  • Regnér, P., & Edman, J. (forthcoming). MNE institutional advantage: How subunits shape, transpose and evade host country institutions. Journal of International Business Studies.
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Further Information

Please submit an extended abstract (3000 words) or a full paper to by no later than September 8.