Sub-theme 61: Activity Theory and Organizations

Yrjö Engeström, University of Helsinki, Finland
Anu Kajamaa, University of Helsinki, Finland
Zlatko Bodrožić, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Session I: Thursday, July 03, 11:00 to 12:30, M2-12
Potentials of Activity theory in Organizational Research
Chair: Yrjö Engeström
Zlatko Bodrožić and Paul S. Adler
Outlines of a history of organization change activity
Yrjö Engeström, Anu Kajamaa and Jaana Kristiina Nummijoki
The critical encounter: Site of volition and concept formation in organizations
This session starts with a keynote speach by Takaya Kawamura: "Expanding organization studies critically with activity theory: A Japanese approach"
Session II: Thursday, July 03, 14:00 to 15:30, M2-12
Expansive Learning at Work and in Institutions
Chair: Anu Kajamaa
Patricia Martínez-Álvarez
Special ways of knowing in science: Expansive learning opportunities with bilingual children with learning disabilities
Carolina Turcato, Simone Alves Pacheco de Campos and Eugenio Pedrozo
Bridging institutional work and activity theory approaches: The role of expansive learning of new organizational forms in creating and changing institutions
Anu Kajamaa and Yrjö Engeström
Where is the glue: Mending disrupted routines as source of stability and change in hospital surgery
Session III: Thursday, July 03, 16:00 to 17:30, M2-12
Activity Systems in Complex Organizations
Chair: Zlatko Bodrožić
Oleksandr Tkachenko and Karen Seashore
Activity theory in complex organizational settings: The activity system model as a lens for orchestrating activities
Evangelia Baralou and Georgios Vardaxoglou
Studying gamification as a series of dynamic activity systems: A conceptual and empirical study
Frederick van Amstel, Timo Hartmann, Mascha C. van der Voort and Geert P.M.R. Dewulf
Grounding the flying triangle: Activity theory and the production of space
Mira Slavova and Stan Karanasios
Legitimacy of agriculture extension services: Understanding decoupled activities in rural Ghana
Session IV: Friday, July 04, 09:00 to 10:30, M2-12
Organizational Change, Development and Agency
Chair: Anu Kajamaa
Anu Kajamaa and Klaus-Peter Schulz
Organizational diffusion of change, learning and development: A case example from home care
Cristina Zucchermaglio and Francesca Alby
Reasoning in medical work: An analysis of cognition-in-practice and its potential for organizational interventions
This session starts with a keynote speach by Annalisa Sannino: "The waiting experiment: Implications for agency in organizations"
Session V: Friday, July 04, 14:00 to 15:30, M2-12
Change Laboratory Interventions
Chair: Denise Shelley Newnham
Ali Naghieh, Marc Thompson and Paul Montgomery
A system level intervention to address teacher stress: Qualitative evidence from a a pilot study of the Change Laboratory methodology in UK secondary schools
Denise Shelley Newnham
Breaking the code of tracking change: Retooling change laboratory analyses in order to regain equity in a voluntary organization
Daniele Morselli, Massimiliano Costa and Umberto Margiotta
Entrepreneurship education based on expansive learning
Giuseppe Scaratti, Silvio Ripamonti and Silvia Ivaldi
Activity theory for analysis and development of the ethical culture in organizations: The case of a blood donors association in Italy
Session VI: Saturday, July 05, 09:00 to 10:30, M2-12
Management and Partnerships
Chair: Zlatko Bodrožić
Fabio James Petani and Jeanne Mengis
The center for the arts that tried to run away but didn't get far. A processual view of coordination in construction management
Gulnaz Aksenova, Souha Tahrani and Daniel Forgues
Cultural-historical activity theory to introduce transformations in architecture and construction: A case study
Paul R. Kelly and Michael Cowen
CHAT and governmentality: The uniform in the activities and management of migrant worker populations
Simone Alves Pacheco de Campos and Eugenio Avila Pedrozo
Working from cultural historical activity theory to understand the collective construction of cross sectorial social partnerships
Session VII: Saturday, July 05, 11:00 to 12:30, M2-12
Tensions, Conflicts and Agency
Chair: Kirsi Kallio
Tuija Guttorm and Antti Kauppinen
Social conflicts in mediating shared objects regarding to well-being in the context of Saami group in Finland
Alison Taylor
Community-university engagement: Exploring the tensions
Kirsi Kallio
The formation of collaborative agency in the implementation of process optimization software
Viviana Meschitti
Becoming a researcher: How peers support socialization in a research team