PDW 07: Strategy-as-Practice (SAP) Community Day

Carola Wolf
Aston University Business School, UK
Winston Kwon
University of Edinburgh Business School, UK

Call for Applications

Beforehand, please note: Contrary to the other PDWs, the SAP/RCP Community Day will take place all day on Wednesday, July 6, 2016, i.e. 09:00–13:00 and 14:00–17:00!

Dear SAP friends,

We have now finalized the program for our SAP Community Day in Naples which is organized as a full day EGOS Pre-Colloquium Development Workshop (PDW 07) on Wednesday, July 6, 2016.
To view the program, please click here.




The day is split into two parts:

  • Part I (morning sessions) is primarily targeting PhD students and early career scholars – but, of course, everyone is welcome! The morning sessions are providing a platform to discuss career-related issues, such as how to manage the early stages of an academic career, how to build up a publication record and contribute to the SAP research agenda, etc.
  • Part II (afternoon sessions) targets the broader SAP community, starting with a research workshop that focuses on challenges in conducting qualitative research which are often overlooked in conventional research textbooks. For this year's closing session, we are trying out a novel "armchair chat" format designed as an informal interview style conversation with two experienced SAP scholars sharing some insights on their career paths in the SAP community.


In order to attend the SAP Community Day (PDW 07), please submit – via the EGOS website! – a single document (. doc, .docx or .pdf file) of application that includes:

  • Personal details (name, affiliation, postal address, phone & email)
  • Please also clearly indicate whether you would like to attend either Part I (morning sessions) or Part II (afternoon sessions) – or both sessions/the whole day.

(extended) Deadline for applications via the EGOS website: April 12, 2016.
There will be limited places, so please submit your application via the EGOS website as soon as possible!

[If you want to apply after the deadline April 12, 2016, please send an email – by April 29, 2016 at the very latest! – to its convenors: Carola Wolf, , and/or Winston Kwon, ]

Last, but not least, please note:

The PDWs are free of charge! However, in order to participate in a PDW, you have to be registered for the subsequent main EGOS Colloquium in Naples (July 7–9, 2016). This means that

  1. your EGOS membership fee must have already been paid before
  2. registering/paying for the main Colloquium.

For more information, please visit the EGOS website at: http://www.egosnet.org/2016_naples/colloquium_fees

Carola Wolf is Lecturer in Strategy at Aston Business School, UK. Her research applies a sociological perspective on strategy processes and practices, with a particular focus on middle managers. Her most recent publications include "Strategic Planning Research: Toward a Theory-Driven Agenda" ('Journal of Management', forthcoming, with Steven Floyd) based on her research on the role of strategic planning processes on middle management engagement in strategy making. Her further research interests include topics such as strategic change, and the emergence of strategy. She currently holds a research grant from the British Academy to study middle manager career trajectories based on life story interviews.
Winston Kwon is a Chancellor's Fellow in Strategic Management at the University of Edinburgh Business School, UK. Winston's research interests concern how strategies are practically accomplished through language and material practices and processes. Current projects include: Meetings: What is the role of discursive skill (e.g. argumentation, humour, narratives, etc.) in conceiving, developing and implementing strategic change initiatives within executive team meetings? Sustainability: Why do local negotiated solutions tend to lead to a more sustainable use of resources than possible with centrally imposed policies? In particular, what is the role of language and material practices such as in creating and enforcing these solutions?