Sub-theme 35: Organizing Space and Spacing within Temporal Contexts

David Weir, York St John University, United Kingdom
Renata Kaminska, SKEMA Business School, Sophia Antipolis, France
Natalie Paleothodoros, University of York, United Kingdom
Session I: Thursday, July 06, 11:00 to 12:30, M B311 (3rd floor)
Stefanie Reissner, Michal Izak and Donald Hislop
Mobile workers’ boundary work: The fluidity of time, space and objects
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Amadou Lô and Pauline Fatien Diochon
Gernot Grabher, Alice Melchior, Benjamin Schiemer, Elke Schüßler and Jörg Sydow
Being there: The social construction of (physical and virtual) copresence
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Yihan Liu
Chrysavgi Sklaveniti and Chris Steyaert
Working together apart: The chronotopic experience of space and time
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Michaela Edwards
Julia Schlegelmilch, Marleen Huysman, Svetlana Khapova and Evgenia I. Lysova
Location-independence: A new way of organizing and the role of social identity
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Marie Hasbi, Véronique Chanut, Jacques Rojot
Session II: Thursday, July 06, 14:00 to 15:30, M B311 (3rd floor)
Carolyn Hunter
Rhythms of dressage: Humour (and boredom) in fun corporate cultures
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Aylin Kunter
Natalie Paleothodoros and David Weir
On-going accomplishments: Spacing and timing tales of performances in consulting and singing
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Dr. Stefanie Reissner, Michal Izak and Donald Hislop
Lynne Baxter and Catherine Wright
The production of space and rhythms in the development of a cancer detection technology
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Chrysavgi Sklaveniti and Chris Steyaert
Session III: Friday, July 07, 09:00 to 10:30, M B311 (3rd floor)
Amadou Lô and Pauline Fatien Diochon
Third spaces and empowerment: The transgression of standardized innovation processes at Renault’s Fab Lab
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Lynne Baxter, Catherine Wright
Michal Izak, Harriet Shortt and Peter Case
Liminality unleashed: Exploring the liminal spaces of liquid modernity through auto-photography and auto-ethnography
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Albane Grandazzi
Claire McKenzie
Disorganising the liminal space: Rethinking liminality within a processual approach
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Angela Bargenda
Jonathan Feddersen and Tor Hernes
Engineering serendipity: Theorizing innovation spaces from an event-based perspective
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Claire McKenzie
Session IV: Friday, July 07, 11:00 to 12:30, M B311 (3rd floor)
Federica De Molli, Jeanne Mengis and Alfons van Marrewijk
‘A Kind of Magic’. Constructing organizational space through aesthetic involvement in the Locarno Festival
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Nayara Noronha, Edgard Barki
Hélène Delacour and Sébastien Liarte
Spatial organization of collective memory: From ruins to heterotopias of resistance in Oradour-sur-Glane
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Natalie Paleothodoros and David Weir
Yihan Liu
Spatializing organisational experience in historical and temporal context
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Michal Izak, Harriet Shortt, Peter Case
Michaela Edwards
Advancing a processual understanding of organizational wellbeing through ‘caring space’
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Isidora Kourti, Lucia Garcia-Lorenzo
Session V: Friday, July 07, 14:00 to 15:30, M B311 (3rd floor)
Angela Bargenda
The space-time continuum of the good organization: Representational semiotics and architectural materialization in the finance sector
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Alice Melchior, Gernot Grabher, Benjamin Schiemer
Viktorija Kalonaityte, Monika Müller and Anna Alexandersson
Curating "creative spaces": Representations of creativity through office design and architecture
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Caissa Veloso e Sousa, Jefferson Rodrigues Pereira & Co-authors
Aylin Kunter
Taking centre stage. Organisational change, aesthetics and the meaning of an office space
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Nathalie Louisgrand
Session VI: Saturday, July 08, 09:00 to 10:30, M B311 (3rd floor)
Isidora Kourti
Between planned and emergent collaboration: Exploring the relational spaces of an inter-organisational educational collaboration
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Jonathan Schmidt & Tor Hernes
Renata Kaminska and Linda Idjéraoui-Ravez
Emergence of the creative ‘middleground’: The case of the Côte d’Azur region in the South of France
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Monika Müller
Nathalie Louisgrand
Finding your cultural identity in the "staff-food corner": An analysis of Chinese cooks and waiters in a French gastronomic restaurant-school in Shanghai
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Julia Schlegelmilch, Marleen Huysman, Svetlana Khapova, Evgenia Lysova
Marie M. Hasbi, Véronique Chanut and Jacques Rojot
A struggle between transformation of organizational space and work identity: A case study of the process of the French Prefecture reform
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Federica De Molli, Jeanne Mengis, Alfons van Marrewijk
Session VII: Saturday, July 08, 11:00 to 12:30, M B311 (3rd floor)
Albane Grandazzi
Making invisible visible: How embodied spatial practices shift organizational boundaries into borders
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Carolyn Hunter
Nayara Noronha and Edgard Barki
MultipliCities of the favela: Socio-spatial organization
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Sébastien Liarte, Hélène Delacour
Caissa Sousa, Jefferson Pereira, Alice Oleto, Marlene Catarina de Oliveira Lopes Melo and Alice Cardoso
When intimacy walks up the stairs: Space configurations, territories and territoriality of a Brazilian prostitution zone
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Renata Kaminska, Linda Idjéraoui-Ravez