Sub-theme 37: Opening the Black Box: Advancing Micro-level Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility

Christopher Wickert, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
David Risi, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Dirk Matten, York University, Canada
Session I: Thursday, July 05, 09:00 to 10:30, TLÜ, Astra, A-242
Introduction to the Sub-theme
Chair: Christopher Wickert
Nadine Hietschold, Christian Vögtlin and Andreas Georg Scherer
What we know and don’t know about social innovative behavior: A literature review and research agenda on the micro-foundations of social value creation
Discussant(s): Roland Daw
Annette Yunus Pendrey, Jean-Pascal Gond, André Spicer and Sébastien Mena
Is CSR becoming part of the business manager’s habitus? A Bourdieusian analysis of micro-CSR
Discussant(s): Marie Lemaire
Roland Daw
Sustainable opportunity identification as a process of distinction and re-entry
Discussant(s): Nadine Hietschold
Session II: Thursday, July 05, 11:00 to 12:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: Opening the Black Box of CSR - Room: TLÜ, Astra, A-242
Chair: David Risi
Brigitte Bernard-Rau, Kristina Lauche and Vera Blazevic
Mobilising forms of justification and evaluation to sell the relevance of environmental, social and governance issues internally
Discussant(s): Rosemary Sainty
Anestis Keremis
Translating corruption to compliance risks: a study of corporate anti-corruption in globalization
Discussant(s): Dirk Matten
Thijs H.J. Geradts and Justin Jansen
Internal corporate venturing for a better world: How emotions enable base of the pyramid venturing inside multinational corporations
Discussant(s): Verena Girschick
Parallel Stream B: Internal Dynamics of CSR - Room: TLÜ, Astra, A-006
Chair: Christopher Wickert
Jana Kollat
How can corporate social responsibility gain relevance in internal communication? A network perspective on communication processes
Discussant(s): Minna Tuulia Ahokas
Minna Tuulia Ahokas and Vesa Puhakka
Narrative constructions of the entwinement of profit seeking core business and social responsibility of the corporations in the context of pharmaceutical industry
Discussant(s): Jana Kollat
Annemette Kjaergaard and Mette Morsing
Organizational identity claims on sustainability and ethical closure. Silencing new ways of seeing
Discussant(s): Maud Schmiedeknecht
Session III: Thursday, July 05, 16:00 to 17:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: Employees and CSR - Room: TLÜ, Astra, A-242
Chair: Dirk Matten
Nishat Babu, Yves Guillaume and Geoff Thomas
Employee social responsibility: A multi-level exploration of antecedent and boundary conditions
Discussant(s): Florian Krause
Lei Yang, Danae Manika and Frances Bowen
Do organisations and employees engage in green activities symbolically: A multi-level perspective?
Discussant(s): Annachiara Scapolan
Annachiara Scapolan and Lorenzo Mizzau
Corporate social responsibility and employees’ embeddedness in the organization: an exploratory analysis
Discussant(s): Lei Yang
Parallel Stream B: CSR Professionals - Room: TLÜ, Astra, A-006
Chair: David Risi
Hyemi Shin
Discussant(s): Enrico Fontana
Verena Girschik, Liudmyla Svystunova and Evgenia I. Lysova
Internal activists as transformers of CSR: A typology and research agenda
Discussant(s): Thijs Geradts
Enrico Fontana
When occupations are “made dirty” in the workplace: The internal taint of corporate social responsibility work
Discussant(s): Timotius Kasim
Session IV: Friday, July 06, 09:00 to 10:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: CSR and Employees - Room: TLÜ, Astra, A-242
Chair: Dirk Matten
Dima Jamali, Georges Samara, Lamberto Zollo and Cristiano Ciappei
How employees’ CSR perceptions affect work performance? The role of organizational citizenship behavior
Discussant(s): Fatima Tahniyath
Tahniyath Fatima
Impact of employees’ perceived corporate social responsibility (PCSR) on their organizational citizenship behavior (OCB): A moderation study
Discussant(s): Lamberto Zollo
Florian Krause, Eva Clasen and Axel Haunschild
The role of individual and collective actors in promoting and institutionalizing CSR – a micro-political analysis
Discussant(s): Nishat Babu
Parallel Stream B: CSR Managers and their Work - Room: TLÜ, Astra, A-006
Chair: Christopher Wickert
Lucas Lauriano
Uncoordinated and uncontrolled: How isolated and independent units impact CSR
Discussant(s): Charline Collard
Tim Kasim and Richard Barker
Creating a sense of comfort: The role of carbon accounting in rationalising climate change
Discussant(s): Hyemi Shin
Charline Collard and Marion Fortin
You use them or they use you: How corporate social responsibility managers reconcile their psychological contract’s ideologies with organizational experience.
Discussant(s): Lucas Lauriano
Session V: Friday, July 06, 11:00 to 12:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: CSR and Organizational Characteristics - Room: TLÜ, Astra, A-242
Chair: David Risi
Bérangère L. Szostak and Yasmine Boughzala
“The more, the merrier”: Characterizing the intermediate effect of design thinking on the CSR strategy's influence on innovation. The case of a trail-running SME in France, Raidlight-Vertical
Discussant(s): Luna Ansari
Tina Sendlhofer
Moral responsibility and moral decoupling: Exploring employee-driven CSR in a SME context
Discussant(s): Julia Domnanovich
Julia Domnanovich, Christopher Kronenberg and Daniela Ortiz Avram
The integration of corporate social responsibility into small and medium-sized enterprises: formality in informality?
Discussant(s): Tina Sendlhofer
Parallel Stream B: Tensions in CSR Work - Room: TLÜ, Astra, A-006
Chair: Dirk Matten
Sebastian Öttl
When being open means shutting the doors: On the paradoxical dynamics & effects of open strategy practices in cross-border CSR management
Discussant(s): Szilvia Mosonyi
Szilvia Mosonyi, Jean-Pascal Gond and Laura Empson
Relational responses to paradoxical tensions in CSR consultants’ identity work
Discussant(s): Sebastian Öttl
Arjan Kozica and Maud Schmiedeknecht
Paradoxes and sustainability consulting: An explorative study about how consultants deal with tensions
Discussant(s): Annette Kjaergaard
Session VI: Saturday, July 07, 09:00 to 10:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: CSR and Employee Behaviour - Room: TLÜ, Astra, A-242
Chair: Dirk Matten
Susanne Blazejewski, Anke Buhl and Andrea-Simone Barth
“I won’t let up!” - Identity work strategies of lower level green employees
Discussant(s): Andrea Ferry
Andrea Ferry, Stephanie Bertels and Ralph Hamann
Understanding the antecedents of employee sustainability behaviours: Measuring and theorising self- and collective efficacy for sustainability
Discussant(s): Susanne Blazejewski
Rosemary Sainty and Suzanne Benn
Honouring the tensions: Corporate boards at the interface of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility
Discussant(s): Brigitte Bernard-Rau
Parallel Stream B: CSR Managers - Room: TLÜ, Astra, A-006
Chair: David Risi
Michiel de Roo
Organizational struggles in “selling” corporate social responsibility: The case of middle managers in multinational corporations
Discussant(s): Kerrie Howard
Luna Ansari
The work of middle managers: Self-regulation for creating positive social change
Discussant(s): Yasmine Boughzala
Kerrie Howard
CSR as a Discursive Resource for Corporate Legitimation and Identity Work
Discussant(s): Michiel de Roo
Session VII: Saturday, July 07, 11:00 to 12:30, TLÜ, Astra, A-242
Critical Perspectives on the Black Box of CSR
Chair: Christopher Wickert
Mike Geppert and Dirk Matten
Linking macro- and micro-level politics in and around multinational corporations: Towards a meso-level framework of analysis
Discussant(s): Simon Parker
Marie Lemaire
"It's a Bible!" – Unexpected use, misuse and non-use of corporate social responsability standards
Discussant(s): Annette Yunus Pendrey
Simon Parker
The fantasies of sustainability: Working with and in competing logics
Discussant(s): Lucas Lauriano