Sub-theme 56: Uncovering Contested Industry Dynamics: The Interaction of Contestation, Social Evaluations and Organizations

Tal Simons, Tilburg University, The Netherlands
Déborah Philippe, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Ana M. Aranda, Católica-Lisbon, Portugal
Session I: Thursday, July 05, 09:00 to 10:30, TLÜ, Mare, M-136
Traditionally Contested Industries
Chair: Tal Simons
Daniel Semper and Giuseppe Delmestri
From outcast to game changer: The re-invention and de-stigmatization of Australian wine
Discussant(s): Tao Wang & Yang Chen
Tao Wang and Yang Chen
Silence sweeter is than speech: Prompting accountability as a substitution for strategic response to reputational threat
Discussant(s): Daniel Semper
Session II: Thursday, July 05, 11:00 to 12:30, TLÜ, Mare, M-136
Smoking I
Chair: Ana M. Aranda
Veronica Almeida, Diego Coraiola and Edson Guarido Filho
The Enduring Liminality of Contested Industries: Tobacco in the U.S.
Discussant(s): Guillaume D. Johnson, Julia Parigot & Colette Depeyre
Andrew Smith, Diego Coraiola, Nicholas D. Wong, Ian Jones and Anders Sørensen
Rhetorical history and the legitimation of new industries
Discussant(s): Veronica Almeida, Diego M. Coraiola & Edson Guarido Filho
Guillaume D. Johnson, Julia Parigot and Colette Depeyre
Beyond the product. Dynamics of racial contestation within the legalized U.S. cannabis industry
Discussant(s): Andrew Smith, Diego M. Coraiola, Nicholas D. Wong, Ian Jones & Anders Ravn Sørensen
Session III: Thursday, July 05, 16:00 to 17:30, TLÜ, Mare, M-136
Smoking II
Chair: Déborah Philippe
Ana M. Aranda, Raffaele Conti and Filippo Carlo Wezel
Distant but not apart? The legitimacy effect of medical marijuana laws on other contested categories
: Discussant: Andrew K. Schnackenberg & Abhijith Acharya
Jocelyn M. Leitzinger and Tiffany Trzebiatowski
When change leads to conflict: Collective identity threats and the evolution of movement-driven markets
Discussant(s): Ana M. Aranda
Andrew K. Schnackenberg and Abhijith Acharya
The legitimacy-legality nexus of industries: Media legitimacy and changes in the legal landscape of medical marijuana and payday loans in the U.S.
Discussant(s): Jocelyn M. Leitzinger & Tiffany Trzebiatowski
Session IV: Friday, July 06, 09:00 to 10:30, TLÜ, Mare, M-136
Other Contested Industries
Chair: Tal Simons
Andrew W. Martin and Marc D. Dixon
The institutionalization of private certification: Market stability or contention?
Discussant(s): Laura E. Dupin
Tatjana Schneidmüller
Audience engagement as a source of technological discontinuity legitimation
Discussant(s): Andrew W. Martin and Marc D. Dixon
Laura E. Dupin
Artisans without art: Understanding market demand for inauthentic organizations
Discussant(s): Tatjana Schneidmüller
Session V: Friday, July 06, 11:00 to 12:30, TLÜ, Mare, M-136
Energy Sector
Chair: Déborah Philippe
Manuel Nicklich, Takahiro Endo and Jörg Sydow
Transformation skills and relational distance of fields: German and Japanese fields of renewable energy
Discussant(s): Salome Zimmermann & Sabine Fliess
Salome Zimmermann and Sabine Fliess
Controversy in the financial industry – How banks respond to the fossil fuel divestment movement
Discussant(s): Manuel Nicklich & Takahiro Endo
Session VI: Saturday, July 07, 09:00 to 10:30, TLÜ, Mare, M-136
Keynote Speaker - J.P. Vergne
Chair: Tal Simons, Déborah Philippe & Ana M. Aranda
From shitcoin to blockchain disruption: Cryptocurrency’s stellar growth despite stigmatization
Session VII: Saturday, July 07, 11:00 to 12:30, TLÜ, Mare, M-136
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