PDW 02: Joining the Conversation: The State of CSR Research

Szilvia Mosonyi
Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom
Michiel de Roo
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Call for Applications

Guests & Facilitators:

, Cass Business School, United Kingdom
, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
, Schulich School of Business, Canada
, Rennes School of Business, France
, SciencesPo, France
, Jyväskylä University, Finland
, Royal Holloway, United Kingdom


Academic discussion on business and society and corporate social responsibility (CSR) is continuing to thrive at EGOS with a number of sub-themes focusing on topics, such as emerging issues in organizational responsibilities (2), challenges over the natural environment (16), strategizing for grand challenges (19), equality and inclusion at work (46/51), and social impact evaluations (71).
In order to connect conversations across these sub-themes, this Pre-Colloquium Development Workshop (PDW) is a workshop of interactive sessions on the state and future of business and society research that will maximise engagement and dialogue amongst early career CSR and like-minded scholars within different EGOS sub-themes. The aim of this PDW – linked to the EGOS Standing Working Group (SWG) 02 – is to support early career scholars with an interest in business and society and CSR research in navigating this field. The PDW will facilitate discussions to create a comprehensive understanding on different CSR perspectives to enable participants to link and position their research in the CSR community. Participants will identify the different communities and the conversations that are currently taking place in the CSR literature and advance our knowledge of the field through their proposed research ideas.



This PDW is targeted at PhD students and early career scholars, but we also welcome more experienced participants. We particularly encourage applications from scholars, whose research is in the intersection of business and society and wish to join or have recently joined the CSR academic community.
The workshop will start with a keynote on the state of the field given by Laura J. Spence and Jean-Pascal Gond. The PDW will continue with interactive parallel Round Tables. At the round tables, participants will have the opportunity to pitch briefly a research idea to the guest discussants and other participants. The idea can be at any stage of development, empirical or conceptual, but it should have the potential to contribute to ongoing CSR conversations in the literature. Participants are asked to submit a one-page summary in advance to allow both discussants and participants to prepare feedback.
The PDW will conclude with a discussion by a panel of distinguished academics, who will share their views and engage the participants on the future of CSR research.


Please submit – via the EGOS website – by April 2, 2019 a single document of application (.doc, .docx or .pdf file) that contains

  • Full details of name, contact (i.e. postal address, email), affiliation, and date or expected date of PhD completion

  • Area of research and why would you like to participate in the workshop

  • A 1-page summary of your research idea

  • Which round table you wish to attend? Please select:
    Round Table 1: “Political perspectives” – Facilitator: Marie-Laure Salles-Djelic
    Round Table 2: “Critical approaches” – Facilitator: Marjo Siltaoja
    Round Table 3: “Individual-level perspectives” – Facilitator: Jean-Pascal Gond
    Round Table 4: “Stakeholder theory” – Facilitator: Robert A. Phillips
    Round Table 5: “Communication perspectives” – Facilitator: Mette Morsing
    Round Table 6: “Innovation and entrepreneurship” – Facilitator: Julia Roloff


Szilvia Mosonyi is an Assistant Professor of responsible leadership at Queen Mary University of London, UK. Her primary research interest is the profession of corporate social responsibility: knowledge dynamics, identity work, the emergence of the profession, and its institutionalisation. Prior to starting her doctoral studies, Szilvia spent seven years as a CSR consultant at Deloitte in London, where she led and delivered advisory and assurance engagements to leading multinational companies across a variety of industries.
Michiel de Roo is a PhD researcher in corporate social responsibility (CSR) at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The aim of his PhD thesis is to develop a multilevel and multi-stakeholder theory about CSR. Michiel is interested in how the interaction between actors at multiple levels (e.g., managerial, organizational and national-levels) results in corporate social responsible activities and how organizations, governments and NGOs jointly address social and environmental issues.