Sub-theme 11: [SWG] AI at Work

Marleen Huysman, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Paul Leonardi, University of California, USA
Stella Pachidi, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Session Time Corridor 1: Thursday, July 08, 07:00 to 11:30, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
AI Implementation
Break 1: 09:45 to 10:00
Chair: Marleen Huysman
Grégory Jemine, François-Régis Puyou and Christophe Dubois
The misfortunes of artificial intelligence solutions for accounting firms: The forgotten role of distribution channels in the diffusion of innovations
Discussant(s): Marc Jungtäubl et al.
Araz Zirar
Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a driver for innovative work behaviour (IWB): a multi-faceted perspective
Discussant(s): Grégory Jemine et al.
Daria Morozova and Mathis Schulte
I, human: How artificial agents make us try harder (or not) in creative tasks
Discussant(s): Soo Young Choi et al.
Soo Young Choi
Joint innovation agency and knowledge creation with AI
Discussant(s): Georg von Richthofen et al.
Georg von Richthofen, Shirley Ogolla and Hendrik Send
Adopting AI at work: Empirical insights from German organizations
Discussant(s): Robert Cluley et al.
Timo Vuori and Jane Seppälä
Machine learning in strategic search: Alleviating and aggravating local search
Discussant(s): Arvinder S. Chopra et al.
Kaisa Kukkonen
Exploring the temporal aspects of competitive advantage and competitiveness in the context of humans and artificial intelligence at work
Discussant(s): Timo O. Vuori et al
Robert Cluley, and William Green
Programming an organization: developing a socio-computational theory of technology
Discussant(s): Daria Morozova et al.
Arvinder Chopra and Parshotam Dass
Mechanisms to use organizational learning for value creation and value appropriation through AI: A qualitative study
Discussant(s): Sebastian Krakowski
Clément Le Ludec
Data labour within artificial intelligence value chain: The workers and suppliers of automation
Discussant(s): Araz Zirar
Marc Jungtäubl, Christopher Zirnig and Caroline Ruiner
The formal-rational paradigm of AI and its consequences for professionalism
Discussant(s): Clément Le Ludec
Sebastian Krakowski
Artificial intelligence as an imperative for ethical goal setting and value alignment in organizational decision making
Discussant(s): Kaisa Kukkonen et al.
07:00–09:45: Plenary session "AI Implementation"
10:00–11:30: Two parallel sessions:
(a) AI and Strategic Management
(b) AI and innovation
Session Time Corridor 2: Thursday, July 08, 16:00 to 20:00, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
AI in Practice
Chair: Paul Leonardi
Tomislav Karacic, Anastasia Sergeeva, Marleen Huysman, Wendy Günther and Anastasia V. Sergeeva
Creativity in data work: Case of developing training sets for machine learning
Discussant(s): Ingrid Erickson & Carsten Østerlund
Ingrid Erickson and Carsten Østerlund
Data, decay, and insights: Business intelligence as repair work
Discussant(s): Bomi Kim et al.
Ruowen Xu, Yuval Millo and Crawford Spence
Credit modelling in a statistical cage: How a calculative culture affects access to credit
Discussant(s): Tomislav Karacic et al.
Bomi Kim, Mohammad H. Rezazade Mehrizi and Marleen Huysman
Constructing unknowable material agency: the case of a deep neural network development in radiology
Discussant(s): Ruowen Xu et al.
Yiran Xu, Rene Wiedner and Joao Baptista
Understanding ethics in machine learning-assisted HR recruitment: A sociomaterial practice perspective
Discussant(s): James Faulconbridge et al.
Armin Beverungen
Working with robots and devices: Sensory environments of algorithmic management
Discussant(s): Yiran Xu et al.
Polyana Silva and André Carlos Aquino
Epistemology of AI developers and users at work
Discussant(s): Armin Beverungen
James Faulconbridge, Atif Sarwar and Martin Spring
Practice partitioning: Coordinating change to work during the adoption of artificial intelligence in professional service firms
Discussant(s): Polyana Batista Silva et al.
16:00–17:00: Conversation with Meredith Whittaker
17:00–18:25: Plenary session "Development of AI"
18:35–20:00: Plenary session "AI in Practice"
Session Time Corridor 3: Friday, July 09, 09:00 to 12:30, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
Parallel Sessions
Break 1: 10:30 to 11:00
Chair: Wendy Günther
Clotilde Coron
Artificial intelligence in Human Resource Management: Between perlocutionary and illocutionary performativity
Discussant(s): Michiel Bal et al.
Hila Chalutz Ben-Gal, Gonen Singer, Dana Pessach and Daniel Avrahami
Examination of turnover: HR analytics perspective
Discussant(s): Malar Hirudayaraj
Jacy Anthis
The many frames of artificial intelligence: Preliminary grounded theory
Discussant(s): Martin Viktorelius et al.
Aizhan Tursunbayeva
Diversity, inclusion, and artificial intelligence: Meanings, motivations, and mechanisms
Discussant(s): Hila Chalutz Ben-Galn et al.
Ines Baer
New considerations in AI-driven work(er) augmentation: A review, definition and conceptual framework
Discussant(s): Bas Becker
Federico Magni and Yaping Gong
Being assessed by a computer: How using Artificial Intelligence as a recruiter impacts applicants’ perceptions of the organization
Discussant(s): Verena Stingl et al.
Uta Wilkens, Christian Cost Reyes, Tim Treude and Annette Kluge
Different meanings of human-centered AI in the workplace as an issue of inclusiveness. Insights from a systematic literature review
Discussant(s): Louis Vuarin et al.
Verena Stingl, Joana Geraldi and Sofia Pemsel
Observer, creator, and learner: Algorithms’ roles in non-repetitive tasks
Discussant(s): Federico Magni et al.
Sophia Galière and Anne-Sophie Barbe
What about the moral dilemmas of algorithmic-technologies designers? A French Pragmatist perspective to study jobbing platforms
Discussant(s): Josephine Thums et al.
Louis Vuarin and Véronique Steyer
Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) at work: Organizing AI epistemic robustness
Discussant(s): Uta Wilkens et al.
Bas Becker
Workflows are better not measured: A practice perspective on established contexts and technology
Discussant(s): Ines Baer
Josephine Thums, Dominic Loske, Matthias Klumpp and Dominic Loske
Artificial intelligence and logistics work: Organizational impact of applying machine learning predictive analytics for workforce planning in warehousing processes
Discussant(s): Sophia Galière et al.
Malar Hirudayaraj
A paradox perspective on AI adoption: Anticipated tensions within the HR Function
Discussant(s): Isabella Scheibmayr et al.
Martin Viktorelius and Simon Larsson
Configuring machine learning algorithms in the development and pre-implementation of AI-based solutions
Discussant(s): Jacy R. Anthis
Isabella Scheibmayr and Astrid Reichel
Strathern’s paradox: How algorithmic HRM changes workers’ decisions
Discussant(s): Aizhan Tursunbayeva
Michiel Bal, Lander Vermeerbergen and Jos Benders
Not doing as told and doing as not told: A case study on the use of PDA functionalities in a nursing home.
Discussant(s): Clotilde Coron
09:00–10:30: Parallel sessions:
(a) AI and People Management
(b) Making Sense of Algorithms

11:00–12:30: Parallel sessions:
(a) Algorithmic Management
(b) AI Use and Work Augmentation
Session Time Corridor 4: Friday, July 09, 16:00 to 19:00, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
AI and Expertise
Chair: Stella Pachidi
Netta Avnoon and Amalya L. Oliver
Complex institutional work and institutional change: The case of radiologists and ML-based AI
Discussant(s): Sarah Pels Lebovitz et al.
Elmira van den Broek, Anastasia V. Sergeeva and Marleen Huysman
Working with hiring algorithms: How professionals strengthen their jurisdiction by embracing AI
Discussant(s): Kasper Elmholdt
Sarah Pels Lebovitz, Hila Lifshitz-Assaf and Natalia Levina
To incorporate or not to incorporate AI for critical judgments
Discussant(s): Netta Avnoon et al.
Kasper Elmholdt
Leveraging ambiguity: Algorithms and expert authority in management consulting
Discussant(s): Elmira vd Broek et al.
16:00–17:25: Plenary session "AI and Professional Judgment"
17:30–18:45: Keynote by Frank Pasquale
18:45–19:00: Closing Words
Session Time Corridor 5: Saturday, July 10, 07:00 to 12:30, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)