Sub-theme 12:

Revisiting Innovation: Reassembling Spaces and Actors in Organizations

Patrick Dawson, University of Aberdeen Business School, UK

Ian McLoughlin, Monash University, Austrialia

Ken McBey, York University, Toronto, Canada

Call for Papers

This sub-theme examines the process of innovation in the light of developments in technology and the changing global context in which innovation occurs. In particular we are interested in:

  1. models of 'open' and 'user-led' innovation which seek to more directly engage the user in the innovation process ? for example by exploiting new possibilities offered by the Internet and digital technologies to engage the customer and user base in the development process;
  2. 'translational' innovation which seeks to bring about innovation through co-production between knowledge generating institutions (e.g. Universities, government research agencies) and commercialising or knowledge exploiting organizations (e.g. business organizations) often facilitated through partnerships with local and regional government and engineered in new 'translational spaces'; and
  3. 'social' innovation that occurs with the implementation of new ideas that succeed in resolving social challenges (problems or opportunities) by meeting social goals and improving societal well-being.

The need to move beyond the confines of a single organizations or clusters of the same types of organizations/sectors when theorising the innovation process will be examined and consideration given to the nature of new relationships and links between different, broader and more varied set of actors in innovation systems. Attention will also given to the blurring of the traditional boundaries between producer/developer and user in the innovation process as well as the nature and extent of role-taking/switching between new partners in the innovation process involving universities/research agencies, local and regional government and business organizations.

This sub-theme session is therefore interested in how we can further re-conceptualise the innovation process and move beyond the single enterprise or cluster of similar enterprise models which are the dominant focus of much previous thinking to embrace these new practices that emphasis innovation as a complex and multi-faceted process influenced, among other things, by contextual, political, technical and social factors. We encourage contributions from academics interested in recent debates and developments in the theory and practice of innovation in reassembling organizations.


Patrick Dawson?is a Professor at the University of Aberdeen Business School and a Research Professor in the School of Management and Marketing at the University of Wollongong. He has published over 50 refereed journal articles in journals such as: Journal of Management Studies, Organization, Human Relations and Organization Studies and has a long research history in the area of organizational change. In 2003, he published "Understanding Organizational Change", London: Sage; and "Reshaping Change", London: Routledge.

Ian McLoughlin?is Professor and Head of Management at Monash University. He was previously Director of the Newcastle University Business School at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK), where he had held a Chair in Management since 1998. His research interests lie in the broad area of technological and organizational and the interaction between the two through the innovation process. His most recent work has focussed upon the management of complex projects and innovation in public service delivery. He has been involved in funded research projects in the UK, Europe and Australia and has published widely.

Ken McBey?is Graduate Program Director of Human Resources Management, and an Associate Professor at York University, Toronto, Canada. He has wide-ranging research interests including employee alienation and withdrawal processes, perceptions of leadership and management, and human behaviour during times of crisis and emergency. He is co-author of "Strategic Human Resources Planning", the approved book for HR professional certification in Canada which is now in its 4th edition. He has been a visiting scholar at the University of Aberdeen, the Australian National University and the University of Otago in New Zealand.

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