Organizations Studies (OS) Summer Workshops

11th Organization Studies Summer Workshop 2016


Spirituality, Symbolism, and Storytelling


May 19–21, 2016

Mykonos, Greece


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Deadline for abstract submissions:

December 7, 2015

10th OS Summer Workshop 2015

Resistance, Resisting, and Resisters in and around Organizations

May 21–23, 2015
Chania, Crete, Greece

9th OS Summer Workshop 2014

Resistance, Resisting, and Resisters in and around Organizations

May 22–24, 2014
Corfu, Greece

8th OS Summer Workshop 2013

Organization Studies and the Day to Day Life of Cultures and Communities

May 23–25, 2013
Mykonos, Greece

7th OS Summer Workshop 2012


Organizations as Spaces of Work



May 24–26, 2012 

Rhodes, Greece

6th OS Summer Workshop 2011


Bringing Public Organization and
Organizing Back In


May 25–28, 2011 

Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay, Paris, France

5th OS Summer Workshop 2010


Social Movements, Civil Societies and Corporations



May 26–28, 2010 

Margaux, France

4th OS Summer Workshop 2008


Embracing Complexity: Advancing Ecological Understanding in Organization Studies



June 5–7, 2008

Pissouri, Cyprus

3th OS Summer Workshop 2007


Organization Studies as Applied Science:

The Generation and Use of Academic Knowledge about Organizations


June 7–9, 2007

Crete, Greece